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Kristin Dinsmore is the founder and photographer behind the lens. After a trip to Europe over ten years ago, with her now husband Ryan, Kristin's love for photography grew. She began photographing landscapes, food, and then their daughter Piper. 

Since then, Kristin has ventured into the fine art world of film photography and hasn't looked back to digital. 

Meet Kristin

What to Dress Your Kids in For Your Next Family Photo Session


One of the most frequently asked questions I get it is: “What should my kids wear to our family session?!” The answer is neutrals! There are so many beautiful kids clothing lines nowadays that make this SO easy to accomplish. Want to know my favorite brands and stores for kids? Keep reading!

Neutrals allow children’s personalities to really shine through. It allows me to capture their authentic selves, without being overwhelmed by distracting colors or accessories. Think creams, whites, tan, greens and blues. Anything earth tones and neutral will photograph beautifully. Fabrics such a linen and knits allow movement and texture.

Some of my favorite brands and stores include:

-Rylee and Cru


-Quincy Mae

-Yoli and Otis

-Oat and Co



-Old navy


-Mini Mint (in Santa Cruz)

-Milk Bots


-Jack and Emmy

For children’s portraits, I love boys in simple linen shorts and no shirt! For girls, a simple dress or matching short and shirt set photograph beautifully. For babies, a white diaper (or nothing at all!) will help us capture every roll and squish.

What NOT to wear:

-Brands or logos

-Polo shirts

-Distracting bows or accessories

-Anything with words

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