I feel that familiar pang of fear that us mothers have, fear that I’ll forget what this time in our life is like, all the intimate, little moments, and so I document our days, so that years from now I’ll remember the beautiful bits among the chaos and sleeplessness.

Because motherhood may be messy, but it is filled with the most beautiful, magical moments as well.

filled with the most beautiful, magical moments as well.

As a mother to two young children, I know firsthand that these days may be long, but my goodness, the years are short.

I preserve moments for years - for generations - to come

These moments shouldn’t live in a box under your bed (or a file on your computer) collecting dust. Our time together will produce tangible portraits to be displayed and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Our time together will produce artwork that is handed down for generations.

You are creating your legacy right now, today. You deserve to have these moments captured forever. 

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Let me document you and your emotions so you aren’t missing from the memories. 

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I’m Kristin Dinsmore,

While I’ve been photographing the world around me since I was a little girl, it was when I became a mother myself that I truly began to appreciate the beauty that is motherhood and those everyday moments, capturing the giggles, snuggles, and sweet smiles. 

My children’s first steps were milestones for sure, but it was those tender, intimate moments that I wanted to ensure wouldn’t be lost in the chaos of our daily lives. These little moments, the ones that you didn’t even realize until they had passed because you were so fully present, breathing in their beauty. These are the images that I want to adorn the walls of my home and my heart for years to come, and I want to do the same for you.

I strive to capture life’s big and small moments. From newborns cradled in their mother’s arms to son’s surfing with their fathers, I document these moments so you never have to fear that they’ll be forgotten or lost in the crazy, whirlwind world we live in.

I capture mothers in these moments, because let’s be real, mothers are usually the ones taking the photographs, rarely having the opportunity to be photographed the way they themselves are - living, breathing these moments with their babies. Let me document you and your emotions so you aren’t missing from the memories. 

I shoot solely with film, honoring the medium’s timeless effect on its subjects, making these photographs even more gorgeous, even more special. The moments that I capture have emotion and so should the photographs that capture them, and film allows me to do so.

My work has graced the cover of Belle Lumiere, and was a finalist for their 2020 black and white film image of the year, as well as their 2019 film image of the year. 

I’m not naive; I know your days are filled with mess and mayhem (I’m right there with you), but I also know that you see them, those fleeting little moments where everything is just right. When the children are playing quietly and you can actually take that deep breath in, and release it as you appreciate the scene before you.

You deserve to preserve those moments so they’ll be around forever to be remembered. Let’s capture them in a classic way that will never, ever go out of style. These are the moments that I as a woman, wife, and mother treasure, and the ones I know you do too. Many, many years from now you’ll return to those fleeting moments and feel the rush of warm emotions once again. 


There is no other subject like motherhood that pulls at my heartstrings, or my camera lens.

With an intentional, design-forward approach, I tap into my photojournalist edge to compose portraits that tell the emotions of these days so that years from now, they will come alive once again.

No other subject that calls for me to capture it in its most natural, beautiful way. From a newborn nursing at his mother’s chest or a toddler laughing and giggling, to older children fully invested in a passion of their own, I capture the moments that mean the most, from pregnancy and your beautiful bump, through all the years and adventures that follow.

I felt as though I was just hanging out with a good friend as she seamlessly adjusted her camera, directed my family, and snapped candid photos throughout our session.

Karriyma, family

client testimonial

I gasp as I scroll through the gallery of photos, each one somehow better than the other. Even the photos that I didn’t think would turn out (like the snot nosed screaming baby ones!) look like calm, gentle moments. Kristin just knows how to catch the little moments in between the chaos. It makes all the difference."

"The black and white photos have a grain and dappled light that make it look like something out of a magazine!

Kristin Barger, Motherhood

I have tears looking at these images because you made me feel so beautiful.

Angie, Motherhood

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