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Hello, I'm Kristin! The photographer behind the lens. After a trip to Europe over ten years ago, with my now husband Ryan, my love for photography began. I started photographing landscapes, food, and then our daughter, Piper. 

Since then, I have ventured into the fine art world of film photography and haven't looked back to digital. I love telling your story through film and making your photos feel alive. 

edgy yet refined

Meet kristin

To me, film makes photographs feel real and come to life. I want to tell your story and capture memories of you, doing the things you love with those you love.

I want you to know: the pictures I take of you, are ones that I would want to print and frame for myself. They are photos and memories that I capture of my own two children, Piper and Cal, and my family. When I press the shutter button or begin to frame the shot, I always ask myself, "Is this a photo I would want in my gallery?" and "Is this an image my client will want to look back on in twenty years?"

In this day of age where sometimes bigger is better, I believe in quality over quantity. If I can give you twelve photos that you absolutely love, I feel that I have done my job for you. Because that's all we really need, right?!

When I'm not out photographing you, you can usually find me photographing Piper and Cal at the beach or on a bike ride. I loveeee interior design and all things fashion. If it's 5:00pm, you'll find me sipping a glass of cold chardonnay with my husband Ryan, while listening to Fleetwood Mac in our backyard, and flipping through a magazine like Architectural Digest or Sunset magazine (I love anything in print!).

"If I can give you twelve photos that you love,
i've done my job."

Photos by Kent Avenue Photography

Using film as my medium of choice has made me a better photographer. I'm present and in the moment. I'm not stopping and missing naturally unfolding moments because I'm stopping to look at the back of my screen. 

No Distractions

To be blunt, film is expensive. So I won't be snapping away like the paparazzi and most digital photographers. I'm going to take my time to make sure I capture the most meaningful moments. With only sixteen exposures per roll, I make each one count.

Slowing Down

Film is incredibly kind to our skin. Unlike digital, which produces an incredibly high definition photograph (hello crows feet!), film is soft and grainy, in the best possible way. Film is true to color and tones, creating beautiful, authentic and timeless photos. 

The Best Version of You

THree reasons why i love film

grew up on a farm!

Most people don't know that I:

a crisp glass of chardonnay 

My favorite drink on a hot summer day is:

out exploring with my family

When I'm not photographing you, I'm:

capturing action shots

My favorite part of a session is:

an interior designer

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

two film cameras and lots of film!

During our session I carry:

The FUn Facts








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Specializing in capturing real, authentic, and tender motherhood moments during pregnancy and beyond. With an editorial edge, these photos are intimate, yet thoughtfully composed to show the rawness that is motherhood.

From baring your beautiful baby bump to nourishing your little one, nothing is off limits. We welcome your ideas and visions, or have Kristin create a custom mood board to help bring your ideas to life. 

to preserve these fleeting moments

authentic imagery

Motherhood sessions

Specializing in raw and intimate

- VAnessa, mom

"I whole-heartedly trust Kristin to do this in the most authentic way. She has an eye for detail that I admire, and her ease with film photography in capturing my children"

Abbeigh -  mom and photographer

"They are exactly how I want to remember our life together in this moment- lots of adventure, lots of emotions, lots of love."

-Katie and matt

"This was the first time my fiancé and I ever had a professional photoshoot and we are so happy to have had this experience with Kristin. Her warmth and positivity immediately made Matt and I at ease. She provided great direction, while also giving us room to be natural. 

- Vanessa, Mom

"I only have one real "yearly" request of my family, and that is for someone other than myself to photograph us. I whole-heartedly trust Kristin to do this in the most authentic way. She has an eye for detail that I admire, and her ease with film photography in capturing my children are just a few things I am impressed with."

- Jessica, mom and Artist

"Kristin did an incredible job capturing my family! The best part was that it hardly felt like a photoshoot because she made us all feel so comfortable, this is very evident in our photos. She was laid back the entire time and it truly felt like an experience as we enjoyed the beach and each other. Kristin captured each member of my family so well, from the curls of my daughter's hair to my son's expressions and my husband's dimple - the attention to detail and artful approach she takes is worth every penny."

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