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Kristin Dinsmore is the founder and photographer behind the lens. After a trip to Europe over ten years ago, with her now husband Ryan, Kristin's love for photography grew. She began photographing landscapes, food, and then their daughter Piper. 

Since then, Kristin has ventured into the fine art world of film photography and hasn't looked back to digital. 

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What to Wear to Your Next Family Photoshoot


The most daunting part of a family photoshoot? What to wear?! I’m sharing my my favorite outfits for moms to wear to their upcoming family sessions. These are my go-to cuts and silhouettes, that are classic and will stand the test of time in your family photos.

The Classic White Dress

It’s a classic for a reason. I always recommend at least one person has white on within your family, as white is a natural reflector of light, and will create the beautiful, creamy reflector that we love on film. I love a little white dress, especially when pulled off-the-shoulder. Find links to my favorite classic white dresses below.

Shop my favorite white dresses below!

The Off-The-Shoulder Dress

One of the most flattering silhouettes because it hides one of our most insecure body parts: our arms. No matter what size or body shape you are, these sillouhette is always guaranteed to be flattering, as it shows off our neckline and covers our arms!

Shop some of my favorite off-the-shoulder styles below!


Pastels are always a safe bet, especially when your session is outdoors. We never want to compete with nature, but rather blend in. Some clients mention that my photographs look like watercolors, this is because when clients wear colors that compliement the ocean, it can give your images a watercolor effect.

Shop some of my favorite pastel dresses below!

Flowy Dresses

When deciding between fitted and flowy, flowy is the way to go! It is universally flattering on every body. Dresses that are too tight aren’t always the most flattering, even for the most slim of people!

Shop my favorite flowy dresses below!

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