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Kristin Dinsmore is the founder and photographer behind the lens. After a trip to Europe over ten years ago, with her now husband Ryan, Kristin's love for photography grew. She began photographing landscapes, food, and then their daughter Piper. 

Since then, Kristin has ventured into the fine art world of film photography and hasn't looked back to digital. 

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How to Take a Double Exposure on Film


When I first began my journey in film photography, I was determined to figure out how to conquer the “double exposure”e. A double exposure is made when two images are overlapped on one another. On film, this means stopping the advancement of the film to the next slide.

My favorite camera to take double exposures on is the Canon EOS3. It’s simple and easy to use, and you can use DSLR lenses with it.

I love to start my double exposures by taking an image of my subject, so a family or mother or child. Then, I take a picture of an object, usually the ocean, grass or flowers.

When taking a double exposure, make sure your subject has negative space behind them, usually this means the sky. Or for a more dramatic affect, have them against the “object” you will be using as your second shot.

Scroll through to see some of my favorite double exposures from over the years.

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