How to Prepare for Your Family Photos

I know. I get it. Family photos can be stressful. And let’s admit it, the drive in the car to your family session might be the most anxiety inducing of all (insert meme of mom and dad not talking to each other in the car the entire drive haha!).

You’re wondering: “What if my kids don’t behave?” “What if our outfits get ruined?” “What if everyone (including dad) starts having a meltdown?” “What if I won’t look good in photos?”

I’m here to make all your fears go away! It’s my job, by the way 🙂

Keep reading to hear about my top five tips for flawless (and stress free!) family photos.

Have low expectations

That’s right. Go into your family photoshoot with low, and I mean LOW, expectations of your children. Children are going to be, well, children. They’re not going to listen and they’re going to throw tantrums. And that’s ok! Even a toddler crying into this mother’s arms is a beautiful image.

I promise, I come with lots of tricks up my sleeve, and they include mom and dad NOT saying “cheese!”. So sit back, relax and ENJOY your family session. And leave your kids to me 😉

Wait Until You Arrive to Your Location to Put Your Outfits On

Babies spit up. And it will most likely happen at the least opportune moment aka on the car ride to your family photoshoot. And those big kids in the back eating a yogurt pouch? Let’s not take any chances. Change everyone in the car after you arrive to your photoshoot location. That means you too, mom! Linen and cotton poplin fabrics have a tendency to wrinkle in the car. Hang up everyone’s outfits on hangers and wait til you arrive to look your best!

When Dad Would Rather Be Anywhere but Family Photos

Oh, dad. The person who acts like they don’t want to take family photos, but who secretly can’t wait to see the gallery 🙂 I always love to tell mom’s to have a conversation with dad before the photoshoot. Explain to him how much these photos mean to you. How much both of you will cherish these images in ten, twenty, thirty years. Hearing how much you value these will make sure his attitude is on par.

Choosing Your Session Time and Location

As a mom who is very serious about nap and bedtime, I highly recommend basing your start time around your little’s nap schedule. Are they their happiest first thing in the morning? Great! Let’s do a sunrise photoshoot. If your little’s are best after their second nap of the day, let’s do a sunset session.

Choosing a location close by can help, too! If you know your children won’t make it without melting down in an hour+ drive, let’s find something closer to your neighborhood. I’ve also had clients book hotels close to their photoshoot location!

In the end, if the children are happy and napped, everyone is happy 🙂

Mom Get’s to Choose Her Outfit First

This my my favorite tip and rule. Mom always get to choose her outfit first. I want you to feel the most confident in your family photos. And I want you to love how you look! By choosing your outfit first, the one that makes you feel like a goddess, you will, undoubtedly, LOVE your family photos.

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