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Kristin Dinsmore is the founder and photographer behind the lens. After a trip to Europe over ten years ago, with her now husband Ryan, Kristin's love for photography grew. She began photographing landscapes, food, and then their daughter Piper. 

Since then, Kristin has ventured into the fine art world of film photography and hasn't looked back to digital. 

Meet Kristin

Morgan Hill Newborn Photoshoot on Film


Newborn photoshoots can bring on a lot of stress for new parents, which is why I choose to have laidback and relaxed lifestyle sessions when it comes to new babies. Taken from the comfort of your home, barefoot, with lots of kisses and snuggles. Taken on Fuji 400h and Ilford Delta black & white film, with a Pentax 645.

baby mae-2.jpgbaby mae-29.jpgbaby mae-8.jpgbaby mae-12.jpgbaby mae-13.jpgbaby mae-6.jpgbaby mae-23.jpgbaby mae-5.jpgbaby mae-16.jpgbaby mae-30.jpgbaby mae-31.jpgbaby mae-28.jpgbaby mae-33.jpgbaby mae-40.jpgbaby mae-41.jpgbaby mae-43.jpgbaby mae-19.jpgbaby mae-64.jpgbaby mae-59.jpgbaby mae-55.jpg

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Fine Art Film Photographer in the California Bay Area

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